Swiss-Champion, German-Champion VDH, Luxemburg Champion, Sieger-Champion-VDP PICTURES
Born: 06.09.2002, PEDIGREE
Breeder: vom Wichenstein SHOW RESULTS
HD A/A, Height 60 cm, Pat.lux und PRA-free VIDEO SHOW
Sire: Hot Gossip Fin Brown Dream Offspring
Dam: Chiara of John's Family, D-CH, VHD-CH,
Dandy is testing very good for: Character, Shotgun and suitable for "Schutzhund"


I was born on 6 September 2002 by Yolanda and Sandra Turnherr.

My strengths: 

I am a self-confident safe and merry Dog full of  power. I can develop a tremendous ambition when working and playing.  I give not up, till i reach my goal. I like to give some Kisses to my Family. In the Agility, I am fast like an arrow and have an enormous jump strength. I am a very good guard.

My weaknesses: 

Sometimes unfortunately I cannot concentrate so well, because of joy and euphoria when working. I am very affectionate and want to be therefore everywhere thereby and miss nothing.

My hobbies: 

Beside dogs sport i like Agility. Holidays in the Mobilhome are the best. i love Frisbee-playing over everything. Also I gladly with Kira and other dogs and like Merlin, my cat.

Dogsport is my Life!