Veron von der Beernau PICTURES Debby PICTURES
15.06.1995 - 17.02.2003 PEDIGREE 04.08.1982 - 14.09.1995


Murphy saw the light of the world on 15 June 1995 by Mrs. Beer in Langnau in the Emmental. On 17 February 2003 Murphy fell asleep at home in our arms. We lost the fight against the cancer. Murphy we love you and you are never forgotten.

Its strengths:

He was an incorruptible guard that give its life for us at any time. It had a very good obedience and was able in the dog sport to super achievements (presupposed it had desire in addition.) He had a very open nature and loved all which it gladly liked. He loved dog babies and was several times invited as an adult dog into the puppy hour. He was extremely dear and generously to our other dogs and our Cat, it hardly gave to something that it was not allowed.

He was very stubborn and wanted to always implement its will. He did not like all male Dogs.

Its largest weakness however were female dogs, it loved simply all and forgot sometimes therefore the whole world around itself. At most he loved however Kira, which was allowed itself to permit everything.

Its hobbies: 

He loved holidays in the Mobilhome, that was for him the simply the best. Excursions by nature, if possible with several dogs, lie in the garden on his sunbed

Our loved Debby was my first poodle and woke the love for this dog race in me.

She was during 13 years my faithful companion, friend and defender. She loved long walks and was the born water rate. She had a strong hunt impulse.Their largest hobby was however playing with the ball, she loved this over everything and could get never enough of it!