Born.: 19.03.2000 PEDIGREE
Breeder: vom Wichenstein SHOW RESULTS
Sire: Nutcracker Dandini v. Wutach
Dam: Chiara of John's Family, D-CH, VHD-CH,


I was born on 19 March 2000 by Yolanda and Sandra turnherr.

My strengths: 

I am a very self confident and sometimes dominant dog with a tremendous charm. I am very intelligent and learn tremendously fast. Everywhere where I can use my nose i am particularly good as for example: Tracks, mountain surface search.

My weaknesses:

I love sweet, particularly chocolate (unfortunately that should be not healthy, however that can be nevertheless not true or?) I want to be always the strongest in my family and dominate the rest. I eat very gladly each waste which I find, if I am fast enough.....

My hobbies:

Beside dogs sport and Agility, holidays with the Mobilhome, bathe in each kind of waters, play with Dandy, and roll me in each dirt. Dearest I would hunt ducks, but I may not do that unfortunately. Once I was allowed to run lure coursing and on the dograce track, which I like....